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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Side Projects (or Dang! My Hands Look Old!)

I know I've been rather silent on the blog front lately, but I've been quite busy trying to revamp the website for my upcoming (very exciting!) news...

In my down time, to unwind, I've been creating silly things to start selling in my brand spankin' new Etsy shop!

I decided to try my hand at polymer clay sculpting, and these are a few of my jewelry-based results...

I've recently taken to wearing large, ostentatious rings and sculpted a few for myself. With the leftover clay, I also sculpted a few more to sell to any like-minded soul who just couldn't live without a ridiculously huge carrot on their hand.

And, you know, that's pretty much everyone, right??

I'm not sure what other types of crafts I will be selling in the future. It'll probably be things that I've made for myself and liked so much that I made a second one to sell. My place is so full of crafts and craft supplies, I may as well pass them along to those in need....... of sushi on their finger.

Anyway, I guess I should get back to the website-revamping grindstone.

Stay tuned for some exciting news, my darlings, as the robot army marches forward with their flowers of peace, harmony, and awesome photo albums!

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