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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Robot In Bloom T-Shirts (or Express Your Inner 'Doot Doot Doot!')

Just a quick announcement today...

You've asked for them and they're here!


Robot In Bloom t-shirts (and mugs and clocks and other stuff) are now available at my Cafe Press Shop.

Get 'em while they're hot!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Charity Chicks Houston - BRAtober (or Boobs!)

I recently completed a rather fun paper flower project for charity:

paper flowers 1221

Bra art!

Charity Chicks Houston is a local organization of gals (and a few dudes) that come together to raise money and do other charitable work for needy non-profits! It's highly altruistic - no one gets paid and no one is affiliated with any specific organization. It's just a group that helps others for the fun of it!

Last year, the Chicks helped the Save The Tatas Foundation by asking creative folks to create a piece of art out of a bra. The BRAtober event raised over $11,000 for the foundation!

This year, BRAtober proceeds are going to help Bright Pink, a group that enlightens and empowers women about their breast AND ovarian health!

paper flowers 1220

The title of my piece is "Paper Petals, Steel Will".
Obviously, I was inspired by my first official Offbeat Bride Pam's wedding flowers. I also wanted to incorporate pink for obvious reasons. I wanted to use my paper flowers to show the juxtaposition of ornamental beauty vs the beauty of the determination to live.

I hope mine gets chosen to be one of the 50 that goes on display and goes up for auction at the main event on October 1st! It would be quite the honor, especially given the stiff competition that showed up at the BRAtober event last year...

*fingers crossed*


Saturday, September 18, 2010

My First Offbeat Bride! (or Pam's Chic Paper Flowers)

I'm very pleased to announce that I have completed my first wedding order for an official Offbeat Bride!

A number of people have contacted me since the Robot In Bloom ad came out on Offbeat Bride, but Pam's is the first complete order! Whee!

paper flowers 1196

The bridesmaids will be wearing grey and the whole feel is classic minimalism, so Pam asked for 80 individual Oriental Poppies in black and white. I usually use tissue for the poppies, but I opted for parchment to make them a tad more substantial - and I liked how natural light passes through them in person.

paper flowers 1201

paper flowers 1207


Monday, September 6, 2010

Owwwwww... (or Owwwww!)

In case you haven't seen on Facebook, I've been stricken with an infection in my arm that makes it incredibly painful to move it. So, if you have contacted me by email in the last few days and I haven't gotten back to you, that's why. I am returning emails as fast as possible, so yours should come soon!

In the meantime, here are some more pictures of paper flower pieces I will be showing off at The Dallas Flea this Saturday!

paper flowers 1051

paper flowers 983

paper flowers 958

paper flowers 960

paper flowers 1023
These are daisies and abstract flowers made from my Ikea catalogue!

paper flowers 1028

paper flowers 1031

paper flowers 1000

paper flowers 1008

paper flowers 994

paper flowers 973

paper flowers 967

paper flowers 968

paper flowers 922
These can be worn in the hair or as a brooch.

See you at the Flea!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Quelle Surprise! (or Orange You Glad I Didn't Tell?)

This arrangement was planned and purchased by my friend as a surprise for his wife.

paper flowers 1078

It wasn't her birthday, it wasn't their anniversary, he didn't screw up... Take note, couples of all types - he did it for her just because! Can you believe it?? I LOVE happy surprises - especially when I get to help surprise the surpriseee.

paper flowers 1080

Apparently they were a huge hit. What a guy, eh?
Tomorrow, though, I'm sure it's back to him belching and scratching as usual...

paper flowers 1077

Happy Friday, kids!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Dallas Flea (or What Are You Doing On September 11, 2010?)


Hey, Dallas!

Gimmie three good reasons that you're not going to come to The Dallas Flea!

See? Exactly! You can't!
It's impossible not to come to this totally awesome, totally interesting, totally rad craft fair extravaganza!

The Dallas Flea has become a huge event in a very short time in the DFW megaplex. It's an upscale craft fair for those who love buying handmade.

Check out this KADF video interview with Brittany Edwards, curator of The Dallas Flea. The video is from a prior iteration, but she does a great job explaining what you can find there:


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