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Friday, July 9, 2010

Inspiration From Perfect Palette (or Fuchsia and Navy + Yellow and Grey = Love)

It's no secret to anyone within 50 ft me that I loooooove color!

My apartment is awash in lots of bright shades, my wardrobe isn't scared of mixing bold hues, and even my wedding refused to settle on one or two colors...

One of the main places I get my color kicks is from The Perfect Palette. They help people visualize wedding color palettes with trendy swatches and beautiful inspiration boards. And - bonus! - they're one of my fellow honorees in the Everything Wedding Blog Carnival #6!

One of their recent palettes - Fuchsia, Light Pink, and Navy - reminded me of some blooms I did a few months ago for Lauren Castine of Frecklebug Boutique.

paper flowers 714

paper flowers 716

Lauren was definitely ahead of the style curve with that gorgeous palette! (These aren't the actual arragements I made for Lauren's fancy Mother's Day party, but they're close.)

paper flowers 724

paper flowers 717

Another recent combo The Perfect Palette put together is one I've been a huge fan of since I was little: Orange, Yellow, and Gray!

Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, I'll admit that orange has been a very recent addition into that enchanting hue group lodged in my heart. And, in the interest of kicking things old school, I made a simple new arrangement in Grey, Silver, and Yellow.

paper flowers 725

paper flowers 736

I was thisclose to choosing Yellow and Grey for my wedding palette, but I used it later in my business logo!

paper flowers 729

paper flowers 733

What's your favorite color combo??



  1. Way to rock the silver! I've been on a red & turquoise kick as of late, but a nice, leafy green and orange look muy swell together.

  2. Red and Turquoise makes me swoon! That's so my next arrangement!


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