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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm Not Dead Yet (or O Hai!)

It's been a while, hasn't it?

There has been SO MUCH going on in the past month, I've had zero time to tell you about it... but now I can!

First of all, to all those awesome traditional and Offbeat Brides who have been asking about calla lillies I have good news - THEY'RE HERE!

paper flowers 1416

paper flowers 1415

These ivory calla lillies were created for Lika and Joe's November wedding. The bridesmaids will be wearing a beautiful jewel-tone blue and will have pops of brilliant orange and stately silver.

paper flowers 1426

paper flowers 1425

I plan on featuring the full details of their wedding after the big day, so if you want to see how the whole lovely affair comes together, stay tuned! (Also, I can't resist giving a shout-out to my alma mater right now - Go Gators!)

Another piece of big news is the grand opening of my sister shop on Etsy - The Bionic Buttercup!


The Bionic Buttercup is your #1 source for whimsy and frivolity since 2042!

I created the shop as a side project for myself (because I'm apparently not busy???) because I like arts and crafts of ALL kinds - not just posh paper florals.

The Bionic Buttercup is a place of whimsy, ridiculousness, and goof-ballery of all kinds! Each visit to the shop is an adventure where you never know what you're going to find... Don't forget to "like" The Bionic Buttercup on Facebook here.

Currently the shop has necklaces appropriate for the Daily Show's quickly arriving Rally to Restore Sanity on October 30, 3010 on the National Mall in Washington DC.

paper flowers 1456

30% of your purchase of these necklaces will be donated to the rally's official charity - The Trust for The National Mall

I actually have lots more exciting stuff to announce, but I think I'll give you a break right now...

Until next time, my dears!


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