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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

'Easy Living' Magazine Is The Best Magazine Ever!!!! (or I'm Big In The UK)

You guys!
Robot In Bloom was featured in a magazine! A magazine!!
Like, a seriously stylish, fo' realz, Conde Nast magazine!!!

Images scanned from the February issue of The United Kingdom's Easy Living
Easy Living003

Notice anything familiar??

Easy Living004

Could it perhaps be my paper rose magnets?

Okay, so here's how it all went down...

I was logging into my Etsy shop like I regularly do when I got a message from a customer. She basically said "I found your magnets in Easy Living magazine and I was wondering if you ship to the UK?"

My brain kind of twitched and was all, "Hey, Sandy? Did she just say that our magnets were in a magazine?" So I immediately busted out my Sherlock Holmes Harriet The Spy skills and set ta googlin'...

After a day of having zero luck figuring out how to get my hands on a copy, I decided to appeal to humanity... I did a Twitter search for "easy living" and found some tweets about a @janehamerton being featured in the same issue.

I'm usually a sniveling coward about asking for things, but I figured it was for my business and I'd have to bite the bullet and write an email. (I know, I know... Such angst over an email? If you've ever met me you'd know I care a lot about such things.)

Anyway, I emailed the lovely and lovely and talented Jane Hamerton and she went completely out of her way to help me get my own copy of February's Easy Living. She even scanned the images posted above for me to use until the actual mag gets here!

I love people and how wonderfully generous they can be... Stay tuned for next Wednesday's post devoted to Jane and her charming personalized towels!

Thank you Jane and thank you Easy Living!



  1. Jane is even more of a sweetheart in real! A true lovely lovely person


  2. Just stopping by to say your flowers are AMAZING!



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