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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crafts (or I Love That Goat!)

I have a confession. I'm crazy. But it's okay because Josh is too.
How does our insanity manifest itself?

Goat love.

In a field near our house, there is a goat. This goat has no idea, but he has become our little mascot. Our own little folk hero, even.

He's adorable. He likes to stand on top of an old rusty truck in his field. He spends most of his time eating grass with the grey donkey. He has a brown head. We've named him Bartamus and have ascribed many outlandishly untrue (Or are they??) character traits to him including, but not limited to, Bartamus being a secret breakdancer who goes out and busts his moves on the weekends at many fine Houston nightclubs.

He's the source of many ridiculous, hilarious converstaions between me and my husband.

So, as a tribute to him, I sewed some coasters!
(Hey, you accept the creative spark wherever you can get it, right? Plus, I'm trying to get better at embroidery.)

I didn't take very good pictures of the process because I didn't think about it until too late. Regardless, in this one, you can see mine and Josh's attempts at drawing goats on neon Post-its. Very technical stuff. (Mine is on the left, Josh's is on the right.)

Butterfly Garden 004

Goats are really hard to draw, by the way. Try it. It's nearly impossible to stop them from simultaneously looking like dogs, deer, and horses. I think we did okay, though...

A closer look at my novice embroidery.

Butterfly Garden 005

So, yeah. That's Bartamus.* I hope he likes being immortalized in felt.

Oh, and I made a spaceship, too, because I like spaceships. And I had glittery felt.

Butterfly Garden 006

* Well, that's felt Bartamus. I'll post a picture of the real one as soon as I get up enough nerve to stop the car near the field and get out. I'm kind of worried about invoking 'Deliverance'-style farmer wrath...


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