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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Code Blue (or 1998 HTML Skills, Don't Fail Me Now!)


I've been trying all week to get my website up and running - digging through rusty memories of my freshman "English for the Digital Age" class, copious amounts of HTML help sites, emails to my computer friend halfway across the country. It's been an interesting process.

I felt an odd combination of depression and triumph working for hours on a bit of code, only to find out that the reason it's not showing up properly is due to an errant ">". Or, when I got frustrated with my FTP client, I had to fire off a big, complicated email to my computer friend... Only to have him gently remind me, hey, I'm typing in the address wrong when I go to check it. (Thanks again, Jeff!)

Rookie mistakes, to be sure, but it's nice to know that I can still do it, you know? A gal whose formal programming training was one semester, 11 years ago. And that, no matter how much aggravated time I put into it, my site is at least a tad better than it was this morning.

But miles to go, my friends, before the Robot can sleep.



  1. Oh, I relate! I've had it easy because I've just been editing a wordpress theme to death over the last couple of days - but I know too well the pain of an overlooked ">".

    Good luck! xx

  2. Thanks!
    Woah! I just read how yours was overtaken by hackers... How awful!


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