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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fox Clocks (or Glitter Felt... Again!)

I wanted to share with you a clock I made about a year ago...

I was inspired by some excellent deep blue glitter felt (Moi?? Attracted to glittery felt?? Perish the thought!) at the craft store one day and thought it was a perfect setting for an adorable fox.

I didn't catch any shots of myself drilling the center hole into the wood base, but here's what it looked like after a few pieces of felt and some strategic cuts.

06-2008 019

I started with fabric glue, but quickly found a hot glue gun to be the path to felt-gluing salvation.

06-2008 029

Sir Foxington the VII proved to be a challenge, but I think he came out as close to my vision as 20 cent felt and a pair of nail scissors can get.

What a handsome devil!

06-2008 042

The finished product.

06-2008 035

I never did decide if I want to paint the hands... White? Perhaps a bright red? Maybe orange with white tips like Sir Foxington's tail?

I've been toying with selling my extra creations on Etsy just for fun, but I'm hoping I can find the strength to let them go to new homes.

Stay tuned to see a cheerful fabric necklace I finished yesterday, and a ghoulish plague doctor clock from last year.



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