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Monday, April 19, 2010

Paper Wedding Bouquets (or Here Comes The Unique Bride!)

I just posted two posh paper bouquets on my Etsy page today.

paper flowers 197

paper flowers 280

I'm a little sad, though... I really love both of these bouquets and I'm gonna be sad to see them go.

I know, though, they'll go to a good home. They'll go home with someone who loves them just as much - or more - than I do. They'll likely be going home with a like-minded individual, someone who is interested in straddling the line between offbeat and classic. Someone who's a little nostalgia-driven and wants their wedding memories to last more than just one day. Someone with a penchant toward creation and artistry...

But hopefully not too like-minded - I'd hate to know that anyone else on this planet has accidentally put their deodorant in the fridge as often as I have.

Oh, hey! Don't forget about RIB's Mother's Day special!


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