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Monday, June 7, 2010

Wearable Blooms (or Experiments In Epoxy)

I've had a lot of folks ask me if they can wear my paper flowers as jewelry and I usually say that it's not a great idea, but you can certainly try. If you're anything like me, a big glob of mustard is going to make it onto your orchid brooch by the end of the night, and no one wants that.

Well, I went down to my local Texas Art Supply for some answers and found this:

paper flowers 595

After reading the very dangerous-sounding instructions (blindness??),

paper flowers 597

I (bravely) set up my stuff.

paper flowers 596

Step 1:
Pour one bottle of the stuff into another bottle of the stuff and make these cool-looking crystal snakes!

paper flowers 602

Step 2:

paper flowers 606

Step 3:
Get tired of stirring just as instructions say to stop. Try dipping a crepe paper flower into the mix. Pull it out and fail at snapping in-focus pictures as the epoxy drips down your hand.

paper flowers 608

Easy as pie!

Now, as I'm sure you noticed, a very interesting thing happened that I wasn't expecting - the papers turned translucent! The parchment, the crepe, and the tissue papers all became nearly see-through upon dipping.

paper flowers 613
Parchment rose

paper flowers 612
Crepe flower and parchment hydrangea

paper flowers 611
Parchment rose

At first I was a tad disappointed, but as they cured, I started to appreciate the near-clear possibilities.

What do you guys think? Would you wear these sweet little gems as jewelry?
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  1. that is so totally fun! the warning label makes me think "DO NOT TAUNT HAPPY FUN BALL!"

  2. LOL "Happy Fun Ball may stick to certain types of skin"


  4. So adorable! I can definitely see wearing them as jewelry!

  5. I think you have got something here!

  6. Or awesome hair pieces!


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