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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Support Local Grow Together (or High Fives For Houston Small Business!)

A few months ago, I became aware of an awesome new... well, I guess the only word for it is a new "movement" here in Houston:

Support Local, Grow Together

The idea began in 2009, when JR Cohen looked around and noticed the effects of the recession. Here's a quote from Cohen in the SLGT Blog:
Other coffee shops and businesses were suffering and going out of business; other people working for corporations were losing their jobs. I was watching tweets from people I know who were foreclosing on their houses; people I hadn't seen in awhile because they couldn't afford to come in for a cup of coffee. People were withdrawing and not being as social. So I decided to use social media and the number of QUALITY followers I have, and see what I could do for them.

SLGT encourages Houston consumers to support local artists, restaurants, and other businesses with "their dollars, their attention, and their referrals." They also ask that local businesses work together so we all can grow and become self-sufficient and thrive locally!

How great is that??

An offshoot of SLGT in Houston is the SLGT Photo Project...
Very talented local photographer and successful blogger, Christine Tremoulet, has created the SLGT Photo Project blog to showcase local businesses and let them either simply get their names out there, or announce specific upcoming events in the area. She travels around, takes pictures of stuff and blogs about it - it's beautiful in its simplicity!

Last month, she came to visit me at the Artisan Market and take lovely pictures of my wares...

There are tons more businesses featured in the SLGT Photo Project, so go there and read to your heart's content - but, more importantly, go out there and support those businesses!!!


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