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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Facebook Fans Giveaway #2 (or The 222 Giveaway!)

Hello, robot minions!

Currently, the Robot In Bloom Facebook Page has 175 fans, and I've decided it's high time for another giveaway!

Photo by Monkey Tree Photography

This time, once we reach 222 "likes" (formerly known as "fans") on the Facebook page, I will choose one fan at random (using a random number generator) to receive a bouquet of three hand-painted parchment roses (example pictured above) and at least five tissue carnations (example pictured below) in any color or color combination you choose!

paper flowers 664
Photo by me.

(I promise at least five carnations, but possibly more if I find that my artistic muses demand more than five that day!)

Just like the first time, there is no deadline and I'll draw the winner's name as soon as the page reaches 222 fans, and I'll post the results on the page and in the blog. And, again like last time, I shall remove myself and my sister from the list of 222, as well as the winner of the first giveaway, Erica Clements. (So I'll really be drawing from a pool of 219.)

Super easy, eh?

So, keep recommending Robot In Bloom to your friends and keep checking back to see if you've won!


1 comment:

  1. Oh, me, me! I wanna win! :) hee hee


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