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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Artisan Market Wrap-Up, Part 2 (or Different Awesome People, Same Awesome Day!)

paper flowers 543

OMG, how good does that look??
Well, once I saw the adorable packaging and sampled it, I just HAD to have a bottle of Te House of Tea chai for myself. The flavor is very complex, yet light, and it has an extra little punch of spice at the end that keeps you coming back for another cup!

paper flowers 545

Te House of Tea was started by Connie and Alyson who wanted to create a community space in Houston that provides organic and fair-trade teas, delicious food, and local entertainment. Josh and I can't wait to visit!

At the next booth was the adorable and talented Rosa Yoo.

paper flowers 546

Rosa creates all types of cakes for all types of occasions...

paper flowers 550

Obviously this gal knows what she's doing visually, but she's also an excellent baker! I tried a sample of her red velvet cake and it was, hands-down, the tastiest red velvet cake I've ever had.

paper flowers 549

Not only does she make cakes, but she also makes empanadas, docinhos (a Brazilian sweet), and even taught me the word "fuxico" - which are little decorative scraps of fabric that American's sometimes call "yo-yos". (I was wearing an applique I made that day. You can see it toward the end of this post.)

My neighbors across the way were definite craft mavens...
What Texas craft event would be complete without girly cowboy hats?

paper flowers 551

Nakoa Holder of Nakoa's makes the cutest, funkiest hats and jewelry!

paper flowers 552

I think what I like best about her work, other than the explosions of color, is the sheer size of some of the pieces. I'm a gal who likes her jewelry chunky and bright, and so does Nakoa!

paper flowers 553

Her craft booth neighbor and friend was Stephanie Brennan of Maddy Lou's.

paper flowers 556

Stephanie creates all sorts of adorable things, like these amazing flower bows for girls!

paper flowers 557

She also had some beautiful flower fascinator headbands that would be perfect for a spunky vintage wedding - or for daily wear for a gal like myself. (Yet another item I had to tear myself away from!)

I'm hoping that Stephanie and I can collaborate and make some really unique flower pieces once I figure out how to make my flowers wearable.

Now, last but absolutely not least, I got to visit with the women of the day: Sheny and the awesome team at VIDA!

paper flowers 563

The Artisan Market was held on Sheny's property in the gorgeous, tree-lined West University area of Houston.

paper flowers 567

Sheny is yet another accomplished jewelry artist who not only creates her own designs, but she also can up-cycle old pieces and make them new again!

paper flowers 568

Her shop carries her work as well as work from other artists - even her own daughter! Lucia is the multi-talented artist of bLuGrn Design. She does everything from jewelry to graphic design, and currently has an awesome line of Alice In Wonderland inspired jewelry that I just adore!

paper flowers 564

Finally, it was time for a photo-op with Brenda and Carmen of VIDA Events and Marketing.

paper flowers 561

paper flowers 573

The ladies are total sweethearts and I really look forward to participating in the Artisan Market again, and other events they have cooking around town!

(PS - Sorry, ladies. I tried my best to edit the heck out of us so that we didn't look all shiny and tired from being in the 94 degree heat all day! :)
PPS - Did everyone else notice my fuxico??)

A great day, indeed!

paper flowers 571


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