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Sunday, May 2, 2010

We Have A Winner (or Today's A Good Day To Be Named Erica!)


The Robot In Bloom Facebook page has reached 150 fans which, as you probably remember, means a giveaway!

Well, if you look at the Facebook page, you might notice that I didn't catch the fan count at 150... but at 152. Not to worry, though, because I think my solution to the issue makes the drawing more accurate:

I am counted in that 152 fan count, and I have no business entering the drawing. Also, my sister is counted in the 150 fan count, and I've decided to take her out of the running because I've already given her free roses in the past and I shan't be doing that again! Tough luck, Christine! :P

So, that leaves us with 150 fans again!

After logging the data into the random number generator at Random.org the lucky winner is.............

Erica Kasprzyk Clements!

random number

Congratulations, Erica! I didn't see an email address on your Facebook page, so please email me as soon as you can to let me know what color you'd like, etc.

In the meantime, I hope all my wonderful little robot minions continue to pass on the good word. Please keep checking back on the Facebook page and the blog because I've got lots of giveaway ideas cooking for the future...


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