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Monday, May 24, 2010

Artisan Market Wrap-Up, Pt. 1 (or Awesome People, Awesome Day!)

paper flowers 536

I learned two important facts at the Artisan Market on Saturday:
1) There are some really talented, creative, friendly people in Houston!
2) It's very dangerous to let me attend a craft fair because I'll want to spend all my profits on others' handiwork!

As for the day's specifics, let's start with me, shall we?

paper flowers 516

The day started out with quite a bang.
As I was setting up my booth, a lovely woman named Helen happened to jog by and bought all my tissue poofs and half my "wacky" flowers! She rode home with the flowers nestled inside her bicycle basket. Tres jolie!

After we finished setting up, to prime the pump (as it were) Josh and I added a few fake addresses to the mailing list sign-up sheet. See if you can guess who they were for... (Leave a comment if you think you know!)

paper flowers 541

I soon decided to wander around and look at my fellow artisans' wares.
The first place I stopped was Crossroad Creations by Kelley.
Robin Kelley and her husband work together to create crosses out of stone, wood, and metal.

paper flowers 517

Many of their pieces include chips of amethyst, turquoise, and other gemstones to give the rough-hewn stone pieces a bit of sparkle.
Humble, yet special... I love it!

paper flowers 519

Next up was the lovely Ana Maria Sanchez of Amaria. She creates luxurious, feminine jewelery that would be just perfect for any bride! Obviously, they'd be lovely for anyone, but I think brides could particularly benefit from her talent.

paper flowers 521

Many of my favorite pieces were her pearl ones.

paper flowers 522

Check out her Etsy shop for more examples of her finery!

paper flowers 524

Arlinda Smith of Quilt Addiction does superior quilt work, but there was one quilt that I really had to tear myself away from:

paper flowers 525

Not only is the color combo right up my alley, she also told me that the fabrics were recovered from Galveston Island after Hurricane Ike. How cool is that??

I also really liked her fabric bowls...

paper flowers 529

paper flowers 530

Right in front of Arlinda's display was Matt Slimmer, metal artist.

paper flowers 532

He doesn't just do small stainless steel sculptures like the ones at the Artisan Market...

paper flowers 528

He's also an accomplished Art Car artist! If you don't know, art cars are kind of a big deal here in Houston and there's an annual parade for the local artists to show off their creations.

paper flowers 535

Matt made the "Toybota" car/boat featured in the Readers' Digest article referenced on this site.

My booth neighbor was the adorable Mandy Welch of Help Me Pledge.

paper flowers 537

Mandy's business offers a really unique way to help fundraise for charities...

paper flowers 539

Help Me Pledgewill come and set up a booth at your charity's fundraising event and will donate 50% of the day's profits to the charity - with no cost to you!

A creative gal with a creative business idea!

Okay, that's probably enough for today...
I'll post the rest tomorrow. Tomorrow will have more excellent jewelry, excellent edibles, and one picture of me looking mega-funky after a long day in the heat.

Stay tuned!



  1. Looks really cool! Like you, glad I left my wallet at home. It'd be hard to say no!

  2. Hi ! My name is Robin Kelley from Crossroad Creations by Kelley. I agree.... a great market and so many nice and talented people!! We were so blessed to be a part of it and hope to see everyone again soon. Vida Marketing did a fantastic job putting this on.

  3. You're awesome! I have never seen quality paper flowers before. Such a great way to use paper!You're so talented! Keep up the BLOG! :)

  4. Oh, Robin... I just realized my mistake in naming you "Kelley"! Sorry about that! :)


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