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Monday, May 10, 2010

Destination Moon Designs (or TMBG Fans Of A Feather)

When I meet rad people, I like to let people know about it... and I've recently "met" two totally excellent graphic designers and people -

They're Jen and Alex from Destination Moon Designs.


I ran across these self-proclaimed "designer(d)s" on Twitter at just the right time. As you probably know, I've been scuttling about, trying to organize everything for the Artisan Market on May 22nd (TEN days! Eek!) and I needed major revamping of my logo, and I needed it now!

Luckily, I saw their business name and was naturally intrigued. A devout follower of They Might Be Giants myself, I figured that anyone who would name their business after a TMBG song, has to be cool, right?

(Note: They didn't make that video.)

And I was right!
Not only did they do a great job, but they did it fast, cheap, and were completely flexible!

Hm..... Let me rephrase that: Destination Moon did excellent work on my project.

Anyway, I highly recommend them for your web and non-web based design needs. They're very versatile and will tackle any job - check out their services here.

They're excellent at event-related design, too. They can create your ideal dinner party invitations, a tragically hip wedding website, or elegant thank you cards - anything you need for your special day!

And, the best part for you, my dear readers, is they'll give a 10% discount to anyone who mentions that they found Destination Moon Designs through Robot In Bloom!

Contact them, stat!



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