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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Very Exciting Things (or Happy Birthday, Website!)

The air around here is buzzing!

Not only is it getting closer to Halloween, but the air is getting chillier, the wind is getting gustier...

Oh, and did I mention my website is finally done??

Yes, kiddies, www.robotinbloom.com is finally, officially ready for the world!

You can get to it by clicking the links above.

And, not only is my site done, but tonight is the night of the Houston Finao Playdate, hosted by Christine Tremoulet.

You can just feel a palpable thrum of tension in the air!

It's either all this awesome business excitement....
or the fact that all I've eaten today is trick-or-treat candy while the fighter pilots of the 25th Annual Wings Over Houston Airshow are buzzing my apartment building, practicing for the show this weekend.

Either way, my blood's a-boilin' and I'm jittery with excitement!

So loud!

airshow 001

Those buggers are hard to catch!

airshow 002


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