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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School? (or Back To Cool!)

Here are two arrangements from my irreverent "booze series" I've created to sell at The Dalla Flea on Saturday, September 11.

A pandering ode to Texas:

paper flowers 1093

This one is perfect for a college kid going back to school...

paper flowers 1087

Especially if he's Axl Rose.



  1. Fantastic! Did you make any with cans of PBR? That would better reflect my classy college days.

  2. I'm unwilling (and possibly unable) to consume any PBR at my advanced age and current adult income level... However, if a client were brave enough to send me their own empty can, I'd see what I could do!

  3. I'll see you at the Dallas Flea! I'm excited to see your flowers!


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