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Monday, August 23, 2010

Great Day Houston: The Prequel (or ZOMG! My 15 Minutes!)

My my... This is going to be an incredibly exciting week for me and my robot troops!

First of all, my new online friend, Tina Jett of Scatterbox fame, has recently interviewed me for her (totally rad and funny and interesting) blog. The post is hitting the blogosphere (Could there be a more icky term?) on Wednesday! Please please read it when it comes out, and keep reading Tina's stuff. She's really groovy. And I'll soon be returning her interview favor with a bloggerview (Ha! I just made a worse word than "blogosphere") on this blog right here!

Then, on Friday, I've got my super-exciting advertorial dropping on Offbeat Bride on Friday! OBB's avertorials are a stroke of genius... Instead of just buying a boring, static ad, the unique and talented tour de force, Ariel Meadow Stallings and her team review your business for OBB's funky readers. Instead of a simple banner ad, Ariel creates an informational blog post for her offbeat readers (of which there are 200,000 unique readers each month!!)

Then..... The really surprising news!
Okay, so on Friday, I submitted my press kit to be considered for a local talk show. KHOU's Great Day Houston was looking for crafty businesswomen to appear on a show about "designing women". Well, my badass divas over at Etsy Houston let the group know about the announcement, and I applied! The producer called me back but my phone is crummy, so I didn't get to talk to him. After pacing around all weekend, I got the call and they confirmed!

I'm gonna be on tha tee vee!!! Wooooo!

My mind is swimming..... What do I wear? It's LIVE and I just know I'm gonna swear! Can I do my hair and makeup well enough? What if my business doesn't take off from this? What if it does??

Out of the pantheon of problems, I'd say this is a good one to have. :)

Oh, you probably want a picture, don't you?
Well, here's a new piece that will be for sale at The Dallas Flea:

paper flowers 1050


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