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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's A Girl! (or NOT "It A Gril!") *

Since so many of my friends (5!!) are having babies this month, I was inspired to make a baby arrangement.

paper flowers 901

I think this would be perfect for a bridal shower, or a gift in the hospital on a little one's birthday...

Ooh! Or even a fun way for a woman to tell her partner the baby's sex!

paper flowers 904

Then it can be repurposed as a decoration in the baby's room.
(On a high shelf, please! Little ones don't need to be trying to eat the paper.)

paper flowers 907

I was really happy to find that gingham tissue paper - I hope I can find a regular supplier of it so these arrangements won't be a limited engagement!

And I really like how the rainbow-y cellophane adds a festive bit of sparkle to an ordinary Chinese take-out box...

paper flowers 916

Let me know what you think of the baby box!
I'll be starting on a blue one soon...

* A special thanks to Cake Wrecks for introducing the world to "It A Gril". If you don't know, you'd best educate yourself about Cake Wrecks!


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