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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Off Topic (or What I Did On My Summer Vacation)

I just remembered that I was gonna bore you guys with some pictures from my gorgeous trip to Maine!

We stayed in a cabin on a lake and there's this long-winded story about how my dad's parents built the cabin, but then lost it to other family members, blah blah blah.


The lake:

Maine 082

Josh and his summer beard taking me for a row:

Maine 073

Another cabin on the lake:

Maine 079


Maine 088

Josh out rowing again:

Maine 096

Bumble bee:

Maine 129


Maine 148

Dad is really excited about his lobster, the Florida Gators, and the Tampa Bay Rays:

Maine 165

This is a real place:

Maine 190

This is a real place, too:

Maine 225

At the lobster co-op:

Maine 250

Steamers at the lobster co-op:

Maine 256

Moonrise over the lake:

Maine 031

You may now return to your regular life.


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